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1. How to append my own web to the Duomeili.com

Answer: By registering at Duomeili.com free, your company can be added to the website.

2. How to increase the sequence of my web by my first key word.

Answer: The rank of the key words which whoever can click is according to the click rate. The number of click is to be the basis of rank without any charge.

3. Why does my web disappear or decrease in the sequence from the searching results

Answer: Maybe the reason is the untrue information deleted by the administrator or the low rate of click.

4. How to delete the information from the searching results in Duomeili.com

Answer: Please contact with Duomeili.com administrator directly if you want to delete your company information on Duomeili.com.


Other problem pls Contact us:

E-mail:[email protected]


1. 如何将我的网站添加到 Duomeili.com

回答:免费注册成为 Duomeili.com 的会员就可以把公司网站添加到 Duomeili.com ;

2. 如何提高我的网站针对我的首选关键字的排名

回答: Duomeili.com 关键词排名按照点击量来排名,不管任何人都可以点击,点击次数只作为排名的依据不收取任何费用;

3. 为什么我的网站从搜索结果中消失或排名下降了


4. 从 Duomeili.com 搜索结果中删除信息

回答:如果要从 Duomeili.com 中删除自己公司网站的信息请直接联系 Duomeili.com 管理员;



E-mail:[email protected]