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Welcoming to Duomeili.com

Free service:

•  To be free to hold our membership ;

•  To be checked by the manager of Duomeili.com(Note : within 24 hours) ;

•  The corresponding information of our registered companies will be showed in the left column of the results of the corresponding key words in Duomeili.com ;

•  The sequence of appearance is decided or controlled by the volume of visit for your company, the more vast the more preceding

Advertising service :

•  The registered member of Duomeili.com can be appeared in the right column of “China Gold Suppliers” sponsors with the correspon

ding key words by some payment, it is restricted to be eight members for each page ;

•  The sequence of appearance is controlled by the volume of visit, the more vast the more preceding;

•  The cost for advertisement of each member is RMB500.00/month;



欢迎进入 Duomeili.com


•  免费注册成为 duomeili.com 的会员;

•  通过 duomeili.com 管理员的审核 ( 注: 24 小时内 ) ;

•  注册会员公司相应资料在 duomeili.com 相应的关键词搜索结果页左边显示;

•  排名顺序由访问量控制,访问量越大排名越前



•  注册会员可以通过付费形式选择关键词成为相应关键词搜索页右边

“ China Gold Suppliers” 赞助商,每页限制 8 位会员;

•  排名顺序由访问量控制,访问量越大排名越靠前

•  每个会员广告服务价格 500 元 / 月